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An outfit is not complete without the right legwear.  Berkshire provides the ideal finishing touch for dresses, skirts, and pants for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Berkshire – It Fits.  It Flatters.   

Spring has arrived and Easter is just a couple days away.  Typically, Easter signals a transition from the darker colors of fall and winter to lighter and brighter colors for spring and summer.  This is the time to sport that Ultra Sheer hosiery from Berkshire.

Many thanks to the Berkshire for providing me with several samples of their hosiery for the purpose of this review.

Berkshire has chic, comfortable choices for enjoying the upcoming spring and summer months.  From casual comfort to more elegant affairs, Berkshire designs ensure that you keep stepping out in style.  Incorporating a little personality into an outfit is easy with any of the Berkshire style hosiery from a Trend Style in a black dot, diamond and back seam to one of the Basics in an Opaque, bottoms up/firm all the way, Ultra-Sheers and Shimmers, which are available in a black, steel and champagne color to Romantic Style in a Fishnet thigh high with garter, a waist lace garter thigh highs in black and Fishnet, and lace top thigh highs in black and candlelight to a Wedding Theme of lace thigh highs with a little blue bow detailing in a variety of shades and lace thigh highs with garter and little blue bow detailing to Maternity Style, which are available in two styles to a Curvy Style, which is a footless tight in an ankle or Capri style, Fishnet tights, Fishnet knee highs and Opaque black knee high.  The Berkshire Fishnet tights add a dash of casual which or weekend outings.

Shine on twinkle toes with Berkshire’s Hose Without Toes.  This style hose is perfect for those open toe shoes, or sandals you wear all summer long.  This hose is 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex with a 100% Nylon leg and a Cotton lend crotch.  To care for the Hose Without Toes, hand wash them separately in warm water without bleach and hang to drip dry.  The sample I tested was an Ultra-Sheer control top in a Natural tan color.  This style hose is available in sizes 1 (100-125 lbs.) to 4 (145-175 lbs.).  I thought that I might be bothered a bit by the feet of these hose, but since I am accustomed to wearing flip flops, the Hose Without Toes posed no problems and were very comfortable to wear. 


The next product is the Berkshire Trend, which is a sheer to waist stretch lace waistband with a silky ultra-nude leg.  These Sexyhose have sheer toes to wear with any shoes.  Sizes range from Small (100-125 lbs.) to Medium (125-145 lbs.) to Tall (146-165 lbs.) to 1x-2x (170-210 lbs.) to 3x4x (200-240 lbs.)  This hose is 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.  Care of the Berkshire Trend Sexyhose is the same as the Hose Without Toes.


The Berkshire Shimmers have a control top for a smooth, firm look with a sandal foot for open toe shoes.  This hose gives a hint of a sparkle without being glitzy.  Sizes range from 1 (100-125 lbs.) to 4 (145-175 lbs.).  The leg of the Shimmer is 100% Nylon with a panty of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex and a cotton blended crotch.  Care is the same as the two previous styles I tested.  This hose matches my Easter outfit perfectly and feels wonderful.

With the warmer weather, there are times when you want to keep cooler, although you still need to wear some type of legwear because of the specific shoes you select to wear.  Your best bet then is to get the Berkshire Comfy Liners.  These liners are a cotton blend with a cushion sole and no show low cut.  They are 77% Nylon with 15% Cotton and 8% Spandex and available in various sizes.  Like the other Berkshire hosiery that I reviewed, these liners are to be hand washed separately in warm water with no bleach and drip dried. 

The company’s website states: “Berkshire Hosiery is manufactured in the USA using the finest materials from all over the world.  Their employees are dedicated to making the highest quality products and many of their processes are still done by hand not by machine.  At Berkshire, they encourage their designers to develop products using the finest quality materials.  They do not choose their materials or methods based on cost.  Berkshire’s designers are recognized as the best in the industry and their revolutionary designs and extraordinary products prove it.  All Berkshire products are made to fit you.  Their regular size styles will conform to the shape of your leg giving you a natural look and an amazing feel.  Their queen size styles will do the same.  This is because their queen sizes are constructed and designed to fit a larger woman.  Other companies may simply make bigger sizes while Berkshire constructs totally different products designed to fit a larger woman.”  I appreciate how this hosiery is manufactured.  There have been so many times where I have purchased hose, only to have them sag or bind.  Ultimately because my hips are a bit larger in proportion to the rest of my body, I have to keep tugging at my legwear.  To help alleviate this problem, I usually purchase a Queen size; however, I still have the problem of them not fitting properly.  Not so with Berkshire hosiery.  They fit and feel wonderfully. 

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The Berkshire hosiery can be purchased directly from their website, Macy’s,, and many other national stores. 

For work, play, dress-up, bridal, daytime, evenings, weekends or holidays, there is always the perfect choice from Berkshire.  Take your style up a notch with a wide selection of hosiery from Berkshire. 

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